Cabaret Wedding Flowers And Leaves

Completely turn off the lights , the warmth of the previous program has receded , the audience could hear them rustling conversation with arguments, it seems such a little baffling.

And Part first took to the stage in the dark , lined up in a predetermined place . Everything is quiet, but some sharp-eyed viewers still sounded very clear reminder. With some of the audience found that the background music is also accompanied by the opening and the spin department students singing harmonies sounded .

I did not take a deep breath and just let the body in accordance with the state in numerous rehearsals and spin out gracefully , lights , such as about gradually, the band has long played a quiet polite applause of the audience , of course, there are other students bumban whistle .

Went before the microphone stand , microphone specially adjusted his position , in order to stabilize their heart thump thump . I listened to Jiang Yifan music , close your eyes , throat and slide out the sound I wanted .

Began to be lit throughout the open-air venue , do not know because my voice was a full moon behind me props, or the entire stage effects . Dancers in accordance with the requirements of the teacher Nanzuonvyou came from both sides …… I smiled , knowing that this time is to check the teacher and the school surprises.

A boy wearing a green dress uniform , wearing a red wedding dress girls uniform . All dancers lined up on stage from a gorgeous cross walk quickly , completed the initial version of the dance stations – boys after girls first.

Sounded the first wave of thousands of spectators exclaimed !

Flowers and leaves make props group wearing very natural bamboo background will be put on stage Aoyama . The audience applause continued , I know there will be dressed in plain uniforms behind Gao Yan Ming came to me like a child lost in the mountains . I accepted him , even elegant hand resting on his hands .

The gatekeeper tea teacher should now be choked nose.

Sarkozy dancers dance, a group of men and women . Green leaves with red flowers , complement each other. The music continues until the cello to join, become low and sad. Stopped , the lights dim , heavy rain .

The audience’s emotions as expected as followed changes pondered the sound constantly , certainly felt Fengyuyulai atmosphere. Choir chanting with, the dancers have to step down the stage , leaving me and Gao Yan Ming .

You say you want to peach , but why are doomed no peach . Green capsule , and first aid , and the rest black card I could not save . Want Hua ! Hua although in the eyes. Say save me ! Save my already too far away. If one day , one day my blood a bit more. I will kill you Pianjiabuliu smithereens !

I saw immediately that this is based on Jacky Cheung’s “blessing” adapted from .

The last sentence is bulk SMS – I wish you could win the final peach .

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